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Not every gifted child excels socially and academically. Emotional intensities, executive functioning challenges, sensory sensitivity, unique learning styles, uneven or asynchronous skill development and, in some cases, learning disabilities are typical in some gifted children and adolescents, and may create challenges at home and in school. With the right supports, interventions and understanding, your child can become self-regulated, engaged, productive and confident. Ask us how we can help.

Melissa Sornik, LCSW


child, family & community

Strengths-focused counseling and consulting services.

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The "why, when, how, where" of social skills and problem solving.

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parent education & support 

 Promoting healthy relationships and positive outcomes.

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Giving gifted/2e kids more of what they're good at for a change.

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Talent, self-esteem, and confidence take years to develop and always remain fragile. These treasures can disappear if not nurtured and guarded. One must always protect a young person’s promise.
— Marilyn Leuer