Think, Dream, create

Created by Melissa Sornik in 2006, and formerly sponsored by Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy, TDC (Talent Development Cooperative) is a supported environment that encourages gifted and 2e kids to think, dream and create alongside like-minded peers, and adult and teen mentors. The TDC environment encourages individuality and nurtures unique strengths and abilities. 

TDC gives non-traditional learners what they don't get very often--the chance to do what they're really good at, and the opportunity to grow their talents through collaboration with peers and mentors who share their passion. The program incorporates aspects of STEAM into talent discovery and development, self-directed mentor supported learning.  TDC also fosters the building of healthy peer relationships by infusing social thinking skills and collaborative problem solving into all activities.

Different learners process information in different ways; some through language, others through images, some through hands-on experiences.  TDC helps gifted and 2e kids develop their gifts, talents and critical thinking skills by providing opportunities and materials for them to explore and actualize through their own creative methodology.

TDC also serves as a meeting place where gifted and 2e kids can work, create and play together under the guidance and supervision of adult mentors and social workers. Skills are acquired through collaborative project-based activities and strategy role play games.

Weekend and summer activities include movies and strategy game sessions including Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. All events and programming are facilitated and supervised by adults.

To find out more about our upcoming after-school and weekend programs and schedules contact us.

If I could do only one thing to help twice exceptional students on their journeys, it would be to identify and develop their talents. It is their talents that will provide them a pathway to success in life. It is through the rigors of talent development that they will become self-regulated and goal directed. It is through talent that they will develop positive identities and like-minded friends.
— Susan Baum