A unique family-centered practice


Melissa Sornik has created a unique family-centered practice for gifted and twice exceptional (2e) children,  adolescents and parents of 2e children. Specialized services support the social, emotional and academic needs of gifted and 2e learners, including those challenged by executive functioning and self-regulation difficulties, anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia or an autism spectrum disorder.  We view, assess and support each client within the context of all environments with an emphasis on home and educational settings. We offer a positive and strength-based approach to treatment in which we identify and value the abilities of every client to foster positive outcomes including confidence and healthy self-esteem. Services are provided in a relaxed, comfortable and family-friendly setting.

A cognitive behavioral approach is adapted and applied to individual, group and family counseling and psychotherapy. All counseling focuses on identification of client strengths which are then implemented to address areas of challenge.  

We provide a "toolbox of strategies and skills" for parents and caregivers. Because we believe that communication and healthy family functioning are critical to successful outcomes, we provide parents and caregivers with counseling, education and "tools" to work with their child and their child's educational setting.  Parent workshops and support groups provide an opportunity for participants to join a welcoming and non-judgmental community in which they can share parenting experiences and acquire new strategies and skills.  The center also offers SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parent Groups. Groups are facilitated by Melissa who is a SENG-certified group facilitator.

After-school and weekend programs for children and teens foster social thinking and collaborative problem solving skills, self-regulation and self-awareness through mentor-facilitated fantasy and strategy game groups, art, music and mentoring in areas of mutual special interest. 

The practice offers on and off-site consulting, professional development workshops and training, and support services for home and school as well as participation in school-based team and CSE/IEP meetings.

Psychological evaluations and assessments are offered on and off-site. All clinicians must have a comprehensive knowledge of, and experience with gifted and 2e children and adolescents for a referral to be made. 

Online individual, family and group counseling sessions and consulting services are available for out of area access.


Gifted children with learning disabilities who are seen as defective, in constant need of remediation, come to view themselves with shame and doubt... But when those closest to them honor their strengths and believe in their ability to fulfill their dreams, they are able to mobilize their will to succeed against all odds.
— Linda Silverman